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The Non Slip California Company provides anti-slip treatment that significantly reduces the risk of slips and falls on a broad range of wet surfaces such as floors, showers and bathtubs by increasing the Dynamic Coefficient Of Friction without altering the look or feel of the surface.

  • Our treatment is not a coating

  • It will not change the appearance and feel of the surface

  • No risk of it pealing off

  • No curing time necessary

  • Applicable indoor and outdoor

  • No change in your cleaning routine

  • Powerful cleaner

  • It is a non-etching and non-topical solution

  • Environmentally safe

  • 1 year warranty

See more details on the Why TNSCC? page

Our treatment is developed for and proven to work on: *Porcelain *Terrazzo *Ceramic Tile *Spanish Tile *Granite *Concrete *Natural Stone *Quarry Tile *Glazed Brick *Marble *Many other hard mineral floor surfaces.

We also provide compatible coating and installation for other surfaces to achieve comparable results. We are primary providers for Southern and Central California, but able to provide support anywhere in the US.

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