DCOF Acu Test / ANSI A137.1 Wet Slip Testing:

Get certified evidence for your slip-fall lawsuit.

We are equipped with BOT-3000E digital tribometer used in slip tests of wet floors (DCOF Acu Test / ANSI
A137.1 which replaced ASTM C1028 SCOF) as specified in the 2012 International Building Code. In this video, it performs a simple informative (non-certified) reading of the floor's safety level (co-efficient of friction). This simple test is complimentary to help you evaluate the status of your floor's safety and potential liability, so you can better decide whether or not your floors need non-slip treatment.

You can read an exhaustive article about current standard measures for dynamic coefficient of friction (DCOF) here

The full test that meets certification is more complex than what is shown in the video, and is available for law firms and slip-fall court cases, for a fee.

Public Areas:
Hospitality Industry, Corporate Buildings, Gyms, Spas, Hospitals, Theaters, Boutiques, Chain Stores.

No need to sacrifice beauty for safety. Our floor treatment has been successful on high-end floors including shiny marble slabs. We take great care in being very transparent about what to expect from each floor, and we are always ready to free test, test, test!

Bath tubs, showers and floors.

How relaxing to have your bath-tub, shower and bathroom floor treated to increased safety! The last thing you want in that private room is to have to pay attention or worry about anything. Call us for a fully relaxing bathroom experience.

Hotels and Restaurants.

Restaurant kitchen floors make many attempts to solve the slippery problem, such as the use of sticky appliques that stick not only to the floor but also to hair, small pieces of food and all sorts of dirt. They also come gradually off the floor with use

Not to mention rubber mats that accumulate so much dirt and need extra (paid) hours to be moved and washed every day. In fact, it isn't unusual for restaurants to pass their inspections except for the rubber mats...

Our floor treatment will free you of the hassle and the expense of caring for mats or sticky floors. Your floor will be very easy to clean yet completely non-slippery when wet

Swimming Pools:
Hotels, SPAs, Residential.

The areas around pools can make the difference between a day of pure fun or... not. Without thinking of bad accidents, it is annoying enough to simply have to be careful

Many pools sacrifice practicality, hygiene and looks for the sake of safety, by laying down safety mats

With our treatment, you and your guests can enjoy a nice day by the pool, walking freely and safely, and without compromising beauty,

Shopping Malls, Courtyards, Private Aisles.

One of the main treasures of the Golden State is the unparalleled weather. California is full of outdoor public areas where people can meet and enjoy themselves. We are honored to contribute to their well-being and ability to truly have a great time!


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