Why Us?

Our treatment dramatically raises the DCOF (Dynamic Co-efficient Of Friction) of your surface. That means it makes it non-slippery when it's wet. Here is what makes our treatment stronger than others on the market:

No Coating

We don't leave a coating on your floor, or bathtub, or shower. Our product is applied to the surface for the time that the treatment requires. After that, it is fully rinsed out, none of it is left on the surface.

Non invasive

Your surfaces remain as smooth as they were before the treatment. The original appearance is also fully maintained. In the extremely rare case where a however subtle shift in the look may take place, we let you know in advance and only then proceed to a verification test if that is your desire. After the test, you can better evaluate appearance vs safety.

Environmentally safe

Tests showed 100% survival of the creatures exposed to possible contact with the product in the expected amounts. Yay! This means you are not harming anyone as you protect yourself, your dear ones, your customers, as well as your business from unwanted slip-fall accidents.

Powerful cleaner

As an added value, the non-slip treatment also functions as a powerful cleaner.

1 Year Guarantee

Even though the treatment lasts longer than one year, its duration varies with the amount of traffic, external agents, etc. For high performance, we guarantee the treatment for one year.


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