• We treat floors and bathtubs to make them non-slip when wet, thereby minimizing accidents and lawsuits in private, commercial and public areas.

  • We sell our outstanding virucide product for all surfaces to help prevent the spread of covid-19 and other diseases.

  • We audit floors for law firms involved in slip-fall lawsuits to help them assess and/or prove their case.


We are a family owned business. In August 2019, Italian entrepreneur Aldo Nemni chose Sure Step Non Slip for his next investment and this California franchise was opened. As our world becomes more and more socially aware, the desire to invest in businesses that provide true value and solve real problems grows naturally. Our products and services are there to do just that. We help people stay safe. And as we do that, we also help businesses minimize avoidable expenses such as those related to slip-fall lawsuits and, more recently, those related to the spread of covid-19.

Our way of working is personal and transparent. We cherish a human and open relationship with our clients whom we tend to keep for a long time. We definitely have an Italian eye for the look of things which translates into paying great attention to detail. Currently, our area of operation is focused on California and we do not ship products or treat surfaces outside of it. If you live in California or are a California-based business, it will be our pleasure to meet you and our hope to be able to satisfy your needs beyond your expectations. To all: stay safe!

On June 2, 1986 the President of Italy On. Francesco Cossiga honored Mr. Aldo Nemni with the title of Commendatore of the Italian Republic for his contribution to the upliftment of the Business Sector.


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